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                             Happiness is not a Matter of intensity but of balance order, rhythm and harmony
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                                                                      Coat: Zara | Denim: Levis

Hello, Everyone!!
When my mind wants to escape it races back to time and memories of Almora came to me.I imagine mountains, taking a long walk through the quiet forest of pines, cedar and seeing snow laden Himalayan ranges from my school ground.I spend 4years as a kid in this beautiful town.The vibrancy and the energy of  the mountains are so incredible, but what I admire the most is the luscious nature.                                 
I love travelling to places far away from a pollution of cities where I can hike in a quite beautiful, alive and thriving landscape.Nature is beautiful where ever part of any country you go.Sometimes you just have to stop taking the photos and just sit down and appreciate the beauty through your eyes.    
Going for the hiking up in the mountains was so incredible experience brings back the childhood memories.It is so peaceful there,  to be surrounded by magnificent forest.You can probably get the idea from the photos above it is hard to put in words for such surreal moments and to see the most mesmerizing sunset in the hills.
                                                Thank You For Reading!!Have A Great Week!!
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