diy lace up ,lavender shirt

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I have this DIY inspired project by my previous post inspiration lace up, here thought I would love to share it with you, take a simple oversized shirt and turn it into a  lace-up shirt.A simple project that only takes a few moments, but completely changes the look of something you already own.If you haven’t noticed lately lacing has been everywhere from shirt to skirt to shoes though I love the whole trend.This is the one of the ways to add lacing detail to your shirt /dress /shoes /whatever, and it wasn’t too hard either.
You need:
·        An oversized shirt (borrowed it from boys)
·        Rings /Eyelet
·       Ribbon/cord
·        Needle and thread

diy lace up ,lavender shirt ,ribbon,eyelets

 How to:

1.Take the shirt, Fold diagonally or make a dart from 1/3rd of the armhole.From the armhole leave 6 or 10 inches, depend on you (you can also measure yourself from the shoulder and mark the shirt from where you want to lace up to start) and start attach the 1st ring and then 2nd ring 1 inch away from each other and so on add as many rings you want I have only  added 3 rings.

inspiration lace up process

2.Repeat the same process on the other side of the shirt.

 lace up process

3.  Once the rings attach to the shirt, take the ribbon and start by weaving from the top crisscrossing the loops from side to side.
 lace up process


lace up shirt,diy lace up

how to do lace up in oversized shirt
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