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Hey, guys hope guys having a great time. I took a couple of days to jet off to Odisha and explore tropical vibes. It had been a while since I traveled anywhere, so I was excited to go for a little getaway. 
Odisha ( formerly known as Orissa) is a state located on the eastern coast of India, with a coastline of about 485km. So yes, the state is home to exotic beaches too, along with significant shrines, amazing forts, vibrant culture and breathtaking architecture.We got super lucky with seeing one of the most beautiful pink skies I’ve ever seen. This marvelous sunset definitely made my evening so much better in the Puri beach. Below is a little visual film that I made for this amazing trip. Hope you enjoy it! Can’t wait for my next adventure very soon, make sure to follow my social media! @thestylepanorama (Instagram)
jagannath temple PURI, ODISHA INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , thestylepanorama , travel blog
PURI beach orissa, INDIA ,TRAVEL DIARY , thestylepanorama , travel blog 
PURI Beach ODISHA, INDIA ,TRAVELDIARY , thestylepanorama , travel bloggerPURI ODISHA ,INDIA TRAVEL guide, thestylepanorama , travel blogPURI, ODISHA INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , thestylepanorama , travel blog, beach,sunsetPURI, ODISHA INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , thestylepanorama , travel blog, sunset beachPURI camel ride, ODISHA INDIA TRAVEL places, travel blogPURI, Orissa INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , places to go, travel blogPURI, ODISHA INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , thestylepanorama , travel blogPURI, ODISHA INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , fashion blogger ,styleblogPURI, ODISHA, INDIA TRAVEL DIARY , beach , travel blogPURI, ODISHA ,INDIA ,TRAVEL DIARY , thestylepanorama , travel blog

Top: Zara Black Basic T-Shirt | Jeans: Levi’s Black Denim | Jacket: Mint Bomber Jacket

Happy Friday. Hope you guys have a great weekend.
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