The slip dress the staple that can be worn all year long and in different lengths. In past seasons, it has resurfaced as a bedroom piece, a date-night go-to, and a perfect stand-alone against the high summer heat, though paired with the classic T-shirt-and-slip combination And yes, you can give those plain white layering tees a rest as we head into chillier temperatures. For autumn, layer it with a leather jacket. Turtleneck looks just as good underneath a silk slip over a shearling bomber jacket equally chic for the winter months, it’s a style that continues to endure and can be styled in different ways to make it sharply current for this year too.
I used a pink silk for this floor-length  DIY slip dress with a v neck, but you can choose your favorite color and length to make.

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material needed to make silk slip dress

What You Will Need:

Silk fabric
Needle and Thread
Pins and tailor’s chalk
Sewing Machine

How To:

pattern for silk slip dress

1) Decide on the length of the dress (with this pattern you can make different sizes of slip dresses). Create a paper pattern for the front of the long slip dress from the diagram using your measurements. Make the front pieces to have a shallow V and cut it out.

back pattern of long slip dress

2) Like the front pattern, Create a back of the slip dress with a deep curve on the back and cut out the paper pattern.

3) Fold your fabric on the wrong side and lay your pattern on the flat surface and pin the pattern onto the fabric to hold it in the place with some weights or anything heavy. Then, with the help of chalk trace the pattern front and back, leave a 1″ inch of seam allowance on the side, at the end of the slip dress for hemming, and a half-inch on the top edge.

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4) Cut out the front and back of the slip dress along the marked line including the seam allowance. Tear a 1.5″ inch wide fabric for the strap (measure the length of your strap for both sides. I have taken a long strip of 120cm of the fabric so I can adjust later and used around 108 cm for both straps).

5) Take the 1.5″ inch of the fabric& fold it into thirds and sew a straight line to make the strap.

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6) For the Neck takes a bias strip of fabric to attach to the front of the neck on the right side of the fabric and sew it on 0.5 cm and then fold it on the back to do top sewing on the front for a perfect finish. Before you sew the neck attach the straps.


7) Fold and pin the 1cm seam allowance along the top edge of the slip dress in the arm on the front and the back of the slip dress. Sew to secure.

8) Sew the side together of the front and back of the slip dress. Attach the strap on the back.

9) Sew the hem up 1cm all the way around the bottom edge of the slip dress and voila.

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So, How will you style your Diy slip dress?
Thank you for reading.Happy Thursday!

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