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Hey, guys. Hope you had a great weekend. I am recovering from a cold just drinking juices, soups, and eating lots of chocolates. 
Well looking at this outfit that I wore couples of days back. I am wearing a red ruffled top paired with a blue denim and layering it with the black Bomber jacket. This season, I completely obsessed with a bomber jacket. I  love the frayed hem trend which I DIY on this denim it’s really easy and quick to do start with cutting the hem of both legs. Using the pin, slowly tease out the threads from the denim to fray the raw edge. It’s up to you how much-frayed hem you want. It will take you around 5-10 minute to DIY frayed hem.

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Top:Pepe London ( similar here) |Jeans: old Wrangler ( similar here) |Bomber Jacket: New look |Bag: Zara

Thank you for Reading! Happy Tuesday.

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