white Zara top ,Levi's Jeans, Reebok Hexaffect.Shoes, Zara bag ,how to wear black and white

There are special places in my mind Almora is one of the places.Taking it back, one more time, to Almora.I love to go for long walks in this town surrounded by lush nature and sky-high pines.
I am layering a cami top over a classic white tee, a black denim and comfortable pair of shoes which is great for all the hiking and walking on the hills.I packed 6 denim on my trip and only wore 3 of them.Remember when packing the less you carry in your bags the more you can buy on the trip.
sunset in almora,almora travel blog,stylepanorama,mountainswhite Zara top ,Levi's Jeans, pink scarf Zara bag ,stylepanorama,style blogger
white Zara top ,Levi's Jeans, Reebok Hexaffect Shoes, black Zara mini bag ,indian fashion blogger
white Zara top ,Levi's Jeans,Zara bag ,how to wear scarfalmora travel diaries , pine trees ,travel ,wanderlust

white Zara top ,Levi's Jeans, Reebok Hexaffect.Shoes, Zara mini bag ,style
i have this thing with door, door of India,almora almora travel diaries, travel ,the hills ,Almora India
almora,bright and corner ,sunset ,place to visit in almora
white Zara top ,Levi's Jeans, Reebok Hexaffect.Shoes, Zara bag ,personal style
                                            Top: Zara| Jeans: Levi’s| Shoes: Reebok Hexaffect|Bag: Zara

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