DL 1961 Denim,women's jeans
hot pink pink vintage coat,personal style blogger
hot pink peacoat , blue denim
Pink coat, vintage coat
double denim,denim jacket , Black leather belt
Mango black moccasin
levi's denim vest,denim on denim
Denim: DL 1961| Shoes: Mango Black Moccasin  | Top: Levi’s denim vest | Coat: Hot Pink Vintage Peacoat

I really love denim, it has become an integral part of our lives and so much fashion has developed around it.It is something I wear every day.I am wearing double denim –it can be a trick to pull off.This one is perfect for the weather, warm, but with a bit of chilly.I find that instead of  a denim shirt, paring a vest work equally well, just throw on a coat on top to complete the look.The hot pink coat is perfect to add a pop of color to the warmer blues.For me, it’s all about making sure the colors are just different to break the look.Light denim vest and a dark denim top the most flattering way to go. 

How would you wear yours double denim?
Thank you so much for Reading!
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